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Service Cloud

The world's #1 service platform, which has the capacity to increase customer satisfaction by 32% in the first year.

On a platform where customer view is faster, more reliable, and more transparent. Personalized support through digital channels, including messaging, chat and conversation.

With Service Cloud, AI-based chatbots and scalable support also increase employee productivity while automating business process automation through custom designed workflows, email templates, authorization settings, and approval processes.

Create powerful custom reports and dashboards that allow them to reach their customers within the next 24 hours. We have a good balance between our knowledge and our experience to successfully address the most complex data transfer and migration challenges. Our data management services include data download, cleanup, duplication release, standardization, validation.

We can also help with specific training and documentation requirements. Accordingly, we are designing special cost-effective solutions to optimizing your time, save your money and time and increase your customer satisfaction as well. Customer needs have changed fundamentally, and companies are trying to catch up accordingly. Modern and fast customer support is required on multiple channels, 24/7 must be the place for the company.

How does Service Cloud to you?

  • Customer management time and customer information quality also improves.
  • Traceable and fast customer management
  • managing potential customers, existing customers and contacts
  • customer satisfaction measurement and monitoring
  • Creating a cross-selling matrix for each client and product
  • managing customer service processes
  • customer information sharing and customer history management
  • generate potential leads via telephone, web and personally,
  • Phone Sales Channel Specialties (Dialogue Scenarios, CTI, etc.)
  • support for customer service, sales, support channels
  • Full web-to-lead service
  • community media / web site monitoring, analysis and marketing.
  • streamline customer communication