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Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud puts your clients in one place and your company achieves outstanding performance in sales.

Increase efficiency by sending more offers to your customers, all this fast and efficient so you can manage more leads through Salesforce Sales Cloud.When you are looking for a new business opportunity, you will have full insight into past activities and ordered products.With a few taps you can get an overview of your day and you can call the customer straight away. Knowing your customers and team speeds is almost crucial to success.

With Sales Cloud, you can get instant access to the latest internal business information and get real-time insights into current numbers, and now you can prepare for competitor information even before meetings and keep up to date with the whole team, all the data is fresh, anytime, anywhere and even synchronized with your colleagues and can quickly share the information you need.

You will always know the members, works and numbers of the team, so there will be no further guesswork. At the same time, every customer will be able to communicate and finally make the connection productive. As soon as you update your business opportunities and status, all relevant stakeholders are informed at the same time.

Managers can set goals and provide real-time support for customer meetings, presentations, and calls.All customers and inquirers are prioritized so that you and your team can work the most efficiently and get closer to users.